Are you ready to improve your changes to get your mare in foal and to end up with a strong & healthy foal?!
Guess what, you can do SO much to improve your breeding season!
Details are really key, and I hope you are ready to increase your chances – Welcome to Breeding For Success!

4 reasons why Breeding For Success will be a real lifesaver to any breeder, where you can minimize frustrations and money loss, and most importantly end up with a strong & healthy foal.

  • Workbooks

    You will get workbooks to reflex on how you can make your breeding season awesome, and all the important information listed, that you need to know to succeed.

  • Learn more

    You will learn how you increase your changes to get your mare in foal and how you keep your mare safe in foal and end up with a strong & healthy foal.

  • Be well prepared

    You will be well-prepared for the foaling and have some guidelines to what is really key for your foal and mare to stay happy & healthy.

  • Inspiration

    You will get inspiration on how you can raise your foal with love and trust, and how you increase your chances to get a deep and well-balanced connection with your future horse or customer’s horse. How you educate your foal and at the same time just let it be a baby horse.

Your Professional Horse Breeder, European Breeding Manager & President Of PHCDK

Jeanne Olsen

When I was starting as a professional horse breeder, I could only dream of where I am today. I have gained so much experience and due to that I’m able to expand my breeding program every year. I want to share all that with you!

You might think breeding is not rocket science, and it might not be, and yes everyone can breed horses. BUT not everyone can be a responsible breeder, who take their breeding program to the next level, where you look at all the aspects to improve every single step. That is breeding For Success.

Price: 195 euro / 1.450 kr.

I am ready to share all my personal experience I have gained over the years, together with scientific background. I am super happy to see you here and I’m cheering on you!

Breeding For Success

Module 1


How you prepare your mare for a successful breeding season and all the steps you need to take into account, to increase your chances to get your mare in foal.

Module 2

Healthy & Strong foal

How you keep your mare safe in foal and how you prepare for a great foaling, and the first important hours, during and after the foaling.

Module 3

Raise with Love & Trust

How you get that deep connection with your foal, how you handle your foal and when the different steps as education are good to introduce.

How does it work

In Breeding For Success, you will gain more breeding knowledge, and set yourself and your mare up for success.
You will receive a personal introduction, 3 modules including presentations with audio files and workbooks for information and reflection.

You will receive a great bonus from Mosson stable, a digital stable management app, that you can set up specific for your breeding season.

3 month FREE premium, price 98 euro/month.

You will be invited to join a closed Facebook group for all the Breeding For Success clients. Here we can share all the ups & downs, get experience from other breeders, and support from me directly twice per week.

I hope you are ready to improve you breeding success, click here, to contact me though mail and sign up for your online course today.
Price 195 euro / 1450 kr.

14-Days satisfaction guarantee or the money back