Western Trainer

Horses means everything to me, and I have been riding for almost 40 years (my whole life), and western riding for 25 years.
I am excited to take on this new adventure as a professional horse trainer – Welcome to Dream Performance Horses!

I especially love to work with the young horses and young horse classes. That’s also why you can find a special offer for young horse training/showing.

It’s very important for me to encourage all horses with positive motivation and focus on their strong abilities instead of spending a lot of time on the difficult. When your horse feels inspirated & pleased to work with you, it will much better be ready to learn whatever is difficult for your horse.

If you send your horse to me, I will take care & train your horse as it was my own. I will offer a first class stay with lots of pasture time, quality feeding and professional care.

Me as a rider: I have many years of experience in starting up young horses, both in hand and by riding. I enjoy following the development of a young horse, but I for sure also enjoy training a more ‘finished’ horse and going to horse shows. If I should describe what defines me as a rider with one word, it would be: Feeling. That has brought me to multiple Danish Champion titles in both APHA & AQHA, multiple World Show Qualifier, futurity winner and much more.

Foal training:

I offer your foal a ‘kinder garden stay’ to grow up with other youngsters and ABC foal training 3 times per week. Here I train all from grooming, walk in the forest, trailer loading, groundwork and introduction to In Hand classes. Up to 1 year old.

Price 750 euro

Young horse training:

Your horse is 1 or 2 years old and ready to start In Hand education & showing. I train your youngster 4 times per week in Trail, Showmanship, longe line and horsemanship – We make a plan for your goals & dreams with your horse.

Price: 850 euro

Horse training:

Full training 5 times per week. We set a plan for your horse & your dreams.

Price: 920 euro

We set a good & realistic plan with your goals & dreams for your horse.
Note: I do not take in ‘problem’ horses.

I do also offer lessons in Nothern Sealand: 48 euro for 45 min + driving

Clinic: 500 euro per day or 800 euro for 2 days, + board & lodging

I do offer Show Support:
I will be by your side from early morning until your last class. We will together prepare you and your horse, set a timeline for the show, go through pattern(s) and work on your mindset and focus for the show.
I ask for 50 euro per day.